While all cotton may seem similar, the disparities between various types and grades of cotton are significant. The defining factor in cotton quality lies in the length of its fibers, with longer fibers equating to higher quality. Enter extra-long staple cotton, boasting the longest fibers of them all.

Pima cotton, a fine extra-long staple cotton, flourishes in Australia, Israel, Peru, and the USA. However, Pima is a generic term lacking trademark protection. That's where Supima comes in as the distinguished trademark name for the finest American variety of Pima cotton. Astonishingly, Supima accounts for just 3% of cotton grown in the USA and less than 1% worldwide.

To earn the prestigious Supima name, the cotton undergoes a rigorous quality review process. Derived from the Gossypium barbadense cotton plant bulb, Supima exhibits fibers averaging 1.5 inches in length, almost twice as long as other cotton types. This exceptional cotton possesses outstanding attributes such as strength, softness, and color retention, making it the ideal material for clothing that not only looks exquisite but also withstands countless washes and wears while maintaining its shape.

Supima cotton has its roots in the Pima cotton crop cultivated by the Native American Pima people, who played an integral role in the United States Department of Agriculture's endeavor to develop the world's finest cottons. The not-for-profit association established in 1954 to promote and safeguard this cotton bears the name Supima. While Pima cotton worldwide may be blended with inferior cotton varieties, Supima guarantees 100% American-grown, top-quality Pima cotton.