We are a family owned luxury menswear company, founded in Saint-Tropez, France in 1976. From day one, we have focused on providing tasteful, discerning customers with thoughtfully designed, impeccably crafted men's clothing, sourced from the finest European materials, and meaningfully made in small-scale, luxury factories across our continental home.
We believe that our small-scale approach, born from the sartorial dreams of our founder Daniel Crémieux, provides our customers with clothing that is both modern and timeless, with style and sophistication that hovers above the trends, but an overall aesthetic that is unmistakably of the moment. Our story is special, as is our world class product. And we are happy to share both with you.



DANIEL CREMIEUX - A Visionary & His Vision
Born on May 22, 1938 in Marseille, Daniel Crémieux went to London when he was seventeen to study English. There, he discovered the stylish elegance of braces - so British - badges, and checked pullovers worn with pride by university students.
Upon his return to France, Daniel brought back a seamless Shetland sweater, something quite unknown in France at the time, and with it the foundation for his vision of a sophisticated interpretation of the emerging Preppy look.
He flew to New York in late 60's and fell more deeply in love with the Preppy menswear of traditional brands. He returned to France with the desire to create the best French preppy brand available, a modern interpretation of this very traditional look.


Daniel has the fashion business in his blood, quite literally. His father owned clothing stores in the south of France, and Daniel followed in his footsteps.

In 1976, Daniel Crémieux launched his own brand, with an iconic golfer as its logo (pictured below). With this he intended to establish his brand as dynamic, smart and top of the line. 


He opened the first shop in Saint-Tropez, on the French Riviera between Nice and Marseille. This famous city in France is the place where actors, singers and artists from all around the world meet. This was the first store, soon to be followed by others in Paris and Aix Provence. Just as he still does, Daniel looked to his roots in this early approach to fashion - blending the sophisticated style of Paris with the relaxed and chic attitude of St. Tropez.
In a city like Paris, where fashion reigns supreme, he strove to be revolutionary rather than trendy by combining classic with unexpected new touches and details. Daniel is still fond of saying: "There is not future without the past." From the beginning, he honed his passion for detail and quality.
Now, his passion has become a trademark feature of the brand while uncompromisable quality remains the most important aspect of Crémieux. 
Now, under the full direction of Daniel's son, Stephane, the Crémieux design influence quickly spread and has become a symbol of superior quality with unparalleled attention to detail.
The company's reputation for excellence is renowned worldwide, with distribution in many countries.  


For the Coats of Arms of the ancient French Families, a crest showed lineage and heritage. For Crémieux, the crest represents quality and passion for the brand and our history. The 38 in the crest is a marker for Daniel's birth year. The iconic shades of navy and white stand for Daniel's favorite color combination of Regimental Tie stripes.
Each season, Daniel and Stephane select the most sophisticated, high-quality materials from all over the world to create their collections. These collections are proudly tailored in the best factories around the world.
We only use superior quality materials from the most renowned mills: Monti, Reda, Loro Piana, and Vitale Barberis. And we offer a look that takes the timeless heritage of the Preppy canon, combines vintage inspired details and the finest materials in the market, and is an eminently modern take on classic menswear icons. Style, quality, and sophistication - from our family to yours.